The SA 3000

A very compact shuttle head address and imaging printer excellent for the small volume mailer or office. It will print at speeds up to 7000 envelopes per hour (#10 business) and can print images and barcodes anywhere on the mail piece at print qualities of 600 X 300 DPI. It uses USB and Ethernet interfaces.



The SA 3100/3150

The SA 3100 is very similar to the SA 3000 but prints at speeds up to 10,000 per hour and qualities up to 600 X 600 DPI. The SA 3150 does all this PLUS prints color graphics, logos and images at up to 600 X 300 DPI.



The SA 3300/3350

Like the SA 3000 and SA 3100 this is a shuttle head printer for the mid volume mailer that prints up to 14,000 envelopes per hour and handles up to 1/4” thickness. The SA 3350 also prints color graphics and images anywhere on the mail piece at 600 X 300 DPI.



The SA 5000

This is a fixed head printer with a 1.5” print area that will process up to 22,000 envelopes per hour with up to 1/4” thickness at up to 600 X 600 DPI The SA 5000 gives you production speeds while maintaining a small desktop footprint. It’s large hopper will hold 450 #10 envelopes or up to 1000 post cards.




The SA 5300

A fixed head printer with a 3” print area in two 1.5” banks that will print at speeds up to 30,000 per hour. This printer has long been one of the most durable and reliable address printers on the market. It’s integrated feeder will hold up to 750 #10 envelopes and it’s high speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports allow for easy set-up and operation.




The SA 5300 PRO

This is the SA 5300 with a high capacity friction feeder for longer runs and more reliable operation with difficult material.






The QuikJet System


The Secap QuikJet high production addressing and imaging system offers superior performance and flexibility for the mailing professional. Processing up to 30,000 pieces per hour, the QuikJet System offers unparalleled speed and productivity.

Featuring a fully synchronized system with the feeder, base and conveyor working together seamlessly, the QuikJet reduces

manual intervention and increases your overall output.


  • •Heavy duty vacuum transport base available in 36" or 56" length

  • •Customize with 3", 4.5" or 6" of print

  • •Add a 6' or 9' UltraFeed Feeder for handling up to 4,500 (9' conveyor) #10 envelopes at a time

  • •UltraSort Conveyor (6' or 9') offer bundle sorts for improved media handling & drying times

  • •Add a 20", 30" or 36" dryer table

  • •Choose a 2,000, 4,000 or 9,000 watt dryer for based on drying requirements

  • •Secap Ink Management System (SIMS) for significant reduction in ink costs and increasing print production

  • •Secap PostnetVerifierTM for barcode print quality to meet USPS requirements