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  • Address, barcode, indicia, return address, message line All in One Pass

  • Large hopper capacity capable of holding up to 750 # 10 envelopes or 1,500 postcards for longer print runs

  • Ready to print Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Prints up to 600 dpi
  • Prints Spot Color for added impact with customers

The SA5300 provides the ultimate solution for performance, quality and reliably from a proven desktop production system. Media versatility handles 3" to 14" and 5" to 15.5" in length up to ½" in thickness. The SA5300 offer 3" of print using two 1 ½" print banks providing versatility in print setup and coverage. Add spot color for an eye-catching message and for creating a highly noticeable image that gets your mail opened. Print Driver supports downloadable True Type fonts and graphics on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista to increase the impact of your message.

Pitney Bowes/Seacap 5300 6 head Printer

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