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NEOPOST Si76 Folding/Inserting Power fold up to 8 pages. Up to 20 Job Memories. Use 2-4 Stations, upgrade to 6. Up to 3500 Envelopes per hour. LCD Panel Control. Handles a wide range of Documents. Refurbished


The SI 76 is a sophisticated folding and inserting system which can process large quantities of mail rapidly and easily. The system can be operated by means of a user friendly interface. The settings of the system (types of documents, type of envelopes and the type of fold) is recorded in so called jobs. These jobs can be programmed by an authorized user. As a special feature the system is equipped with a Load ‘N Go™ function. The purpose of this function is to go to work as quick as possible without doing extensive adjustments.

NEOPOST Si76 Folding/Inserting /Power Folder

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