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With Hasler’s Integrated Document Management (IDM) you can reduce costs and improve productivity by streamlining your entire outgoing mail process.  Tired of the tedious task of folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes by hand? Hasler’s M3000 Folder/Inserter is the easy-to-use, economical solution. The M3000 can collate, fold, insert and seal up to five inserts in a single pass. The M3000 simplifies the process so virtually anyone can handle the task quickly and efficiently – up to 20 times faster than manual processing!

  • Extremely quiet – works right from the desktop without disrupting business.
  • Easy to use – automatic job set-up with “Fill and Start” feature.
  • Flexible – three configurations to fit your specific needs
  • High capacity – FlexFeed tray holds up to 325 sheets.
  • Programmable – pre-program up to nine different jobs for quick recall.
  • Versatile – handles various paper sizes.

Hassler M3000 Two Pocket Inserter

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