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The  FD  2054  Pressure  Sealer  is  designed  to  process  a  variety  of  form  sizes  and  weights.  The  fold  tables  are  automatically adjusted for standard folds and custom folds. Documents that are 8 ½” x 11”/14” and 11” x 17” (A5,  A4,  A3, B4, B5 & B6) are detected by sensors on the in-feed tray. Batch counting, and self-centering side guides are added features.   Three standard folds are pre-programmed for 11”, 14” and 17” forms, uneven C and Z folds for 14” forms, and up to 35 custom folds can be programmed.  The sealer will stop automatically after the last document has been processed.


May be used inline with Colordyne 1800 S Printer



Formax FD2054 Pressure Autosealer - Like New

$8,900.00 Regular Price
$8,500.00Sale Price
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