Printing Equipment


AGPIT offers cutting edge technologies like MEMJET for Process Digital Color Printing as well more traditional printers in thermal, laser and ink jet processes. We have the right printer for your Application. We feature Kyocera for Monochrome applications and Vortex for Full Color Printing.

RTI Vortex 4200 Wide Format

Digital Process Color Printer

The Vortex™ 4200 wide format printer targets several print applications, including CAD, AEC, GIS and point-of-sale graphics with a combination of speed and quality never before thought possible.

Inside the Vortex 4200 is revolutionary Memjet technology with five printheads for single-pass wide format printing of uncompromised speed and quality. Compared to traditional inkjet, the Vortex™ 4200 prints up to eight times faster for incredible job turnaround times and attractive total cost of ownership.

Coupled with some of the most environmentally friendly inks available and very low power consumption, the Vortex 4200 wide format printer is not only fast, flexible and of premium quality, but also a friendly product for our environment.

With an effective speed of 12 ips delivering up to 500 B1 sheets per hour, the Vortex 4200 printer forms a useful adjunct to traditional analog print methodology (litho, screen print, flexo). The low set-up time and zero cost of setup means that short runs are now possible and cost-effective. Combine this with the fact that each sheet can contain variable data, and this makes previously impossible jobs now possible. And all this with a small footprint and low power consumption.


Lowest Cost of Ownership in the Industry


  • Confirmed by IDC

  • .7 cents/page vs 2.1 cents/page

  • Small Footprint

  • Smallest footprint in industry

  • Easy to move around

  • Guaranteed Reliability

  • 300,000 page warranty

  • design and manufacture print engines

  • Smarter Paper Handling


·Components are modular

  • Can grow with your business

  • Easier Network Managemet


·Full support for SNP

  • Windows NT, Novelle Netware

  • Kyocera EcoLAN interface cards for multiprotocol connectivity with automatic emulation sensing and switching.





  • Simple Installation

  • Setup Wizard

  • Plug and Play compatability

  • Better Service and Support

  • Local service provider

  • 1-800 access

  • Website information

  • Customized Solutions


·Customized forms

  • Check printing

  • Nice Price


·Competitively priced

·Lowest Cost of Ownership


  • Kyocera is an Emerging Leader


·37 year old, $6 billion global company

·Involved at the beginning of desktop

·One of the top 5 printer vendors in the US