Formax is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of pressure seal, mailing, data destruction and digital print finishing solutions. Superior products and an unparalleled level of service and sales support allow Formax dealers to provide the ideal solution to streamlining virtually all of your outgoing and incoming mail, destruction of confidential data and in-plant digital print finishing.



The FD 6100

The FD 6100 Inserter makes it possible for any business to automate their mailings. The affordability of this inserter eliminates the necessity to send out tens of thousands of mail pieces to justify the cost of automation. With the FD 6100 any size company can enjoy the benefits of automated folding and inserting.




The 6202 Series

The 6202 Series brings advanced folding & inserting technology and flexibility to the office environment. There are four configurations available to meet your processing needs: the FD 6202-Basic 1, FD 6202-Basic 2, FD 6202-Advanced 1, and FD 6202-Advanced 2. The FD 6202-Basic 1 model is equipped with one automatic sheet feeder; the FD 6202-Basic 2 model comes with two automatic sheet feeders; the FD 6202-Advanced 1 model comes with one sheet feeder and one insert/BRE feeder; and the FD 6202-Advanced 2 comes with two sheet feeders and one insert/BRE feeder. It operates at speeds up to 2000 per hour with a duty cycle of 15,000 per month. It can also be fitted with OMR for collating and inserting multiple page documents.




The 6304 Series

The new 6304 Series Inserters combine user-friendly features with high productivity. For increased productivity, the new High-Capacity configurations are available, which include a Vertical Stacker that holds up to 500 finished envelopes, a Document Feeder that holds up to 725 sheets, and/or a Production Feeder, with a capacity of up to 325 BREs or short inserts. Options include Advanced OMR and BCR, Formax MailDoc™ Software, short feed trays and a side exit tray. A full-color touchscreen control panel, combined with 25 programmable jobs, provides efficient and hassle-free operation. Its versatility allows for processing forms of various lengths and thickness all at the same time, up to 3,600 per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month.




The 6402 Series

Available in six basic configurations, the 6402 Series can be adapted for almost any folding and inserting application. Two, four and six station models are available to meet your particular folding and inserting needs.

The full-color touchscreen control panel makes operation even easier than before. The optional production feeder holds up to 325 BRE's and up to 1,200 sheets of paper, which increases hopper capacity and reduces loading time. It operates at speeds up to 4000 per hour with a duty cycle of 60,000 pieces per month.





The 6602 Series

A variety of options bring high-capacity folding and inserting right into your office. The High-Capacity Envelope Hopper and Output Conveyor each hold up to 1,000 envelopes. Choose from one or two Production Feeders, with a combined feeding ability of up to 2,400 sheets or 750 BREs. A Thin Booklet Feeder inserts documents up to 2.5mm thick. In addition, Single-Track and Dual-Track OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) options provide a high level of document security. Cycle speeds are up to 4300 per hour with a duty cycle of 80,000 pieces per month.




The 6900 Series

The 6900 Series Inserters are the most powerful and versatile tabletop system available. The 6900 Series offers the versatility of processing a wide range of envelope sizes from a standard #10 to a flat 10” x 13”. AutoMix™ models take this flexibility to the next level by allowing different sized envelopes to be used on-the-fly during operation. Up to four feed stations are capable of reaching speeds up to 4,300 pieces/hour and handling up to 120,000 inserts per month.




The 7100 Series

The easily adaptable 7100 Series Inserters create professional, high-quality mail pieces in minutes. Its truly modular design supports a wide range of mailing applications, accommodates a large variety of envelope sizes and processes forms with top, middle and bottom address positions. With the flexibility to add up to 9 feed stations, the 7100 Series can accommodate virtually all of a company's mailing needs now and in the future.

Three base models are available to use as is or can be expanded to meet changing needs: the FD 7100-Basic 1 with one sheet feeder and daily mail, the FD 7100-Basic 3 with three sheet feeders and daily mail, and the FD 7100-Advanced 2 with a double insert feeder. The Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets and Cascade Mode to link feeders offer operator efficiency and ease of use. These standard features and optional OMR and BCR, combined with intuitive design, make the 7100 Series Inserters a cost-effective investment for the office and mailroom environment.

It has the ability to fold up to 8 sheets 20lb bond at speeds up to 4500 pieces per hour with a duty cycle of 150,000 pieces per month.